7 Alarming Signs That Show You Are Not Drinking Enough Water!

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Almost 75% of your body weight is made up of water. YES, and a person can’t survive without water for more than a few days, according to the experts. It’s because the body depends on water for every cell, organ and tissue.

Water lubricates our joints, eyes, helps digestion, removes from the body all damaging toxins, keeps the skin healthy, etc. You should drink plenty of water every day, ladies and gentlemen, because your body would stop working correctly without water.

There is not much more refreshing in this world than a tall, ice-cold water glass. I don’t believe anyone alive can deny that a glass of water can sometimes be more satisfying than a cup of coffee or a soda can. Nevertheless, too many of us on a regular basis do not drink enough water. We are continually damaging our bodies by depriving ourselves of the most natural resource in the world.

If you are thirsty, this is the most noticeable indication that you are dehydrated, which is what follows when your body does not have sufficient fluid to perform at its peak. Being dehydrated doesn’t just mean that your body loses water, it also implies you’re losing electrolytes like salt and potassium that assist your body breathe, move, speak, and do all the other stuff it wants to do to stay up and running.

If you experience any signs of the following, start with a glass of water to improve your condition.

1. Headaches

The human brain is in the skull and sits inside a “sack” of fluid that prevents the skull from bumping. This protective fluid sack guarantees that every moment you walk or run, your brain is not harmed.

However, if the fluid sack is decreased, your brain may start pushing against your skull (one of the most prevalent causes of headaches). You should also be aware that the cycle of dehydration reduces the blood supply to the brain, meaning less oxygen and glycose. This can trigger horrible headache as well.

2. Your Mouth is Dry

This seems to be quite obvious. Naturally, whenever you feel in your mouth that sticky, nasty feeling, you would obviously reach for some kind of liquid. But sugar beverages are just a temporary answer to a bigger issue. Drinking water lubricates your mouth and throat’s mucus membranes, which will keep your mouth moist with saliva long after your first sip.

3. You Are Feeling Tired

Our body fluids are made up of water, so your blood becomes thicker when you get dehydrated and your body needs to use more energy to maintain oxygen and other nutrients going through the circulatory system.

An absence of correctly hydrated blood contributes to the body’s absence of oxygen. An absence of oxygen, of course, results in sleepiness and straightforward fatigue.

4. Bad Breath

Water is key for saliva production, which is vital to protect your mouth against bacteria. You generate less saliva when you are dehydrated, meaning that bacteria can develop, leading to stinky breath. Brushing your teeth is essential, of course, but the first step is to drink more water to enhance your overall mouth hygiene. Dehydration can also cause dry mouth and throat, so if you feel like that, it’s a sign that you need a drink of water.

5. Abrupt Food Cravings

In many instances, we may mistake our thirst for hunger. Namely, when our body requires water, we want food. Therefore, if you suddenly feel the need for something to eat, you should first drink a glass of water.

Some nutrients and organs like the liver – which use water to release some glycogens and other elements of your energy store – may be hard when you are dehydrated, according to the health professionals. And, sadly, that implies you’re going to get food cravings.

6. Constipation

Water encourages healthy digestion and frequent bowel movements by maintaining your stool soft and quickly moving it through the digestive tract. Not drinking enough water can cause your body to pull water out of the stool to compensate for fluid loss, resulting in harder and firmer stools that are harder to pass. Try to drink more water to loosen your stools and relieve constipation and bloating if your bowel movements are irregular and abnormal.

7. Your Muscle Mass Decreases

Most of your muscles are composed of water, too. Less water in the body, of course, implies less muscle mass. Before, during, and after a workout, drinking water not only keeps you hydrated and comfortable, it also carries water to the correct locations in your body and reduces the opportunity of creating exercise and weightlifting inflammation and soreness.





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