7 Ways To Keep Your Lips Soft & Smooth At All Times!

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Just like the eyes and the eyebrows, our lips can also enhance the attractiveness of our face. Because of pollution and the rampant use of harsh cosmetics, lips tend to become dark and over time lose their natural beauty. Once your lips are chapped, ignoring them is almost impossible.

And guess what, we’re forced to rely even more on cosmetics. But what if you were able to find some ways to break the cycle? Sounds good, isn’t it?

1. Homemade Honey Lip Scrub

Honey is a humectant, so it locks your skin with moisture. A little honey combined with sugar (to exfoliate gently) and almond oil gently rubbed onto the lips will moisturize and slough off dead skin.

2. Use Lipsticks Sparingly

In essence, lipsticks are a mixture of wax, pigments, fragrance, oils and alcohol. And to get the desired product, different types of wax, oils and pigments are used in combination. Chemicals as much individually are not the best option for prolonged contact with the body, only use lipsticks if you need them the most. They contain chemicals for your lips that are not good. Make sure you use lipsticks that moisturize your lips. Go for a tinted lip balm for regular use instead of a lipstick.

3. Drink Lots Of Water

They say the eyes are the key to the soul, and if that is the case, the lips are the key to the consumption of your water. One of the first places it will show when someone is dehydrated is on their lips. Minimum of eight tall glasses per day. Water makes up approximately 50 to 60 percent of our body. It is obvious then that it is only essential to maintain the required percentage or the effects will also show on your skin. It is essential to maintain the natural color of your lips by drinking plenty of water throughout the day to maintain the natural moisture of your lips.

4. Avoid Biting And Licking Your Lips

You need to be gentle in order to achieve soft, kissable lips. This does not mean that your lips are biting or licked. Biting causes damage (for obvious reasons), while leaking your lips can remove moisture and dry out your lips. Saliva tends to dry out the moisture on your lips further instead of adding it to them. Dermatologists therefore advise us not to lick the lips to keep them wet because you are drying them out further and this can lead to darkening of the lips.

5. Use Lip Products with SPF

Exposure to the harsh rays of the sun may cause the lips to darken. UV rays have the same harmful effect on your lips as they do on your skin. Always use SPF-containing lip products to protect your lips when you need to spend your daytime outdoors.

6. Exfoliate

If it doesn’t sound attractive to slather honey and sugar on your lips, try a very gentle scrub with the softest toothbrush you can find to exfoliate one to two times a day. Skin cells are undergoing a constant process of replacing the outer dead cell layer with a fresh cell layer. This is the soft and supple skin process that keeps. But if this layer isn’t shed entirely, then your skin looks dull and dead. Your lips also do the same things.

7. Get Rid Of Cold Sores

The herpes simplex virus type 1 can cause cold sores. Don’t be alarmed, about 90% of the world’s people are dormant with this virus. And it rears its ugly head when exposed to too much sun or when stressed out and sick.

Additional Homemade Beauty Tips For Lips

  • Mix a little honey with almond oil, apply this mixture on your lips, massage and leave on overnight.
  • Simply apply Vaseline mixed with few drops of olive oil couple of times a day.
  • Get your beauty rest. One of the easiest and most pleasant ways to keep your skin soft and smooth. Sleep on your back to avoid rubbing and damage your lips and facial skin. Run a moisturizer to keep your lips soft and moist while you sleep.
  • Apply a thin layer of good, old-fashioned petroleum jelly before you go to sleep to give your lips extra protection. Occlusive agent is known as petroleum jelly. This basically means that it forms a barrier that keeps hydration and moisture locked in on your skin.





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