What Does Your Lip Color Says About Your Health? Find Out!

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First, you should understand that many specialists around the globe say our lips change as we age, and sometimes during the winter we all get dry and cracked lips, but dry or cracked lips can be a sign of something seriously wrong.

Your lips are dense when you’re young and have a beautiful epidermis, but as you age, your lip color may become more dull, your lips may become thin, and keeping your lips moist may become more difficult.

Did you know that your mouth is the window to your health in traditional Chinese medicine? Yes, your lip color can tell you what’s going on inside your body, like your blood’s health, organs, or temperature. And his is how you can define some prevalent health issues by watching your lips’ natural color:

1. Pale Lips

You should be very cautious, and you should ask your doctor to do a blood test for anemia if you notice that your lips are pale. Strengthen your blood with iron-rich ingredients like red meat, green vegetables, and dates.

If your lips are very pale, it’s a sign of too much cold or “yin” energy in your body, which also leads to noticeable sluggish digestion and cold hands and feet. Eat warm foods such as pork, lamb, pumpkin, musk, and raspberries to warm up your system.

2. Bright Red Lips

You should understand that also bad breath and food cravings can accompany red lips. These are indications that you are struggling with liver and spleen.

Eat bitter cleansing products such as dandelion tea, chrysanthemum tea, and sour melon to cleanse your liver. Also useful are celery and honey. Early evenings and stress-free events will bring the rest you need to regenerate your body.

3. Purple Or Blue Tinted Lips

You should be aware that purple or green colored lips may suggest a heart and respiratory system issue. If this is the case, consult a doctor. This also implies that there is inappropriate blood circulation in the body. If you have a hint of a green line around your lips, it means bad circulation of blood around your liver and spleen.

4. Dark Red To Black Lips

You should be very cautious, dark lips can mean that your digestive system is stressed and overloaded. Eat congee, yogurt, and sweet potato to clean your stomach.

Drink hot water with a lemon juice. And make sure that you avoid processed and junk food until your digestion gets back its equilibrium. To help with digestion, introduce fiber-rich vegetables, pickled vegetables, and fruit.

5. Dark Red Or Purple Line Around Lips

A natural dark lip line that appears on your lips border is a sign that the body’s energy equilibrium is out. The best way to rebalance is to spend a few days resting and nurturing your health by reducing stress and paying attention to your food intake.

6. Rosy Pink Lips

Rosy pink lips show a balanced minded healthy body. This implies you’re doing everything correct to maintain your body fit and you’re following the diet and fitness regime that fits your body well.

PLUS: The Shape of Your Lips Meaning!

Naturally full lips. This lip shape shows that you are an empathic person with powerful parenting instincts. People with this lip form harbor an inherent desire to protect and defend others; their caring, selfless nature implies that they care profoundly for others and enjoy doing so. They like to keep a close circle of friends and above all else value friendships.

Thin top and bottom lips. Thin-lipped women tend to be loners and rather shy. Their introverted personality also implies they are self-reliant; they are OK to be alone and are completely satisfied with the concept of independence.

Although in relationships they may not be as well versed as people with naturally fuller lips, that doesn’t mean that they can’t work well as partners.

Lips with a peaked cupid’s bow. People with a peaked cupid bow are described by their creativity; in every form they continually strive for self-expression with productive and creative outcomes. They are also very self-conscious and have impressive memory recall capabilities; this implies they are excellent at facial recollection and social interactions.

Goldilocks lips. People with normal lips that are neither dense nor thin are defined by a balanced lives and the capacity to solve any assignment before them. Their knowledgeable and logical common sense abilities are naturally sharpened, and their capacity to listen to others is one of their main strengths.

Although they exude enormous respect and self-restraint that may turn out to be stoicism, when given the opportunity, they still love to laugh and open up.





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