The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes!

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Although it’s completely normal and can happen to everyone, this common dermatological condition that can seriously affect a person’s self-confidence.

Contrary to what many people believe, bags under your eyes aren’t always caused by getting too little sleep at night. Dark circles or bags under the eyes can be caused by many factors that differ from one person to another. Stress can be a huge contributor to the appearance of dark circles.

You can call them puffy eyes, swollen eyelids, dark circles or bags under the eyes, it doesn’t matter, these common symptoms for both men and women can make you look a lot older than you actually are, or worse, make you look sick, when you are not.

There are many conventional treatments for treating this condition, like topical medications, chemical peels, surgery, and laser treatments. However, i strongly advise you to seek a safer and more convenient methods to help diminish the bags under your eyes.

To get rid of the symptoms, it’s important to know what causes them in the first place.

Several factors can cause this effect, including:

  • Fluid retention after a salty meal;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Allergies;
  • Smoking;
  • Heredity;

Guess what, you are in luck, because you don’t need expensive cosmetic products to say goodbye to the bags under your eyes.

Top 10 methods to get rid of bags under your eyes forever:

  • 1. Cold Compress

Apply cold compress to the dark circles under your eyes – the cold can relax the blood vessels and reduce the swelling.

  • 2. Tea Bags

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, and can effectively reduce the puffiness and the swelling around the eyes and also rejuvenate the skin. Additionally, the anti oxidants can slow the aging process and protects your skin from UV sun rays. It’s works best if use green tea or back tea – the choice is yours.

  • 3. Cucumber

You can easily reduce the swelling and the puffiness thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the cucumber. Cucumber is can also be nourishing, hydrating and your skin can benefit in many ways. Use chill cucumbers to treat the bags under your eyes.

  • 4. Coconut Oil

Rich in vitamins and minerals, coconut oil rejuvenates the skin under the eyes. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and lauric acid.

  • 5. Aloe Vera

With minerals, vitamins, aloe Vera nourishes the skin and supports collagen production. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces inflammation.

  • 6. Egg Whites

One of the most commonly used ingredients to treat eye bags are the egg whites. Egg whites can reduce the bags and tighten the skin around the eyes.

  • 7. Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel can get rid of those puffy eyes fast and effectively as it tightens the skin.

  • 8. Saline Water

Saline water reduces inflammation and eye bags as well. It promotes drainage of water trapped around your eyes, and reduces the puffiness in return.
Saline water can also reduce inflammation under your eyes and treat eye bags effectively.

  • 9. Sleep Properly

Make sure to get enough sleep, but also sleep properly. Aim for at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night and because the position you sleep in makes a lot of difference, it’s best to sleep on your back. And never sleep with your your makeup, always remove it before going to bed.

  • 10. Drink More Fluids

Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day if you want to deal with the bags under your eyes. If you don’t hydrate your the body, your skin suffers and this can cause puffiness. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day or drink more green tea or fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumber.

Additional Methods

Use a safe sunscreen and wear sunglasses — Sun exposure is vital in achieving optimal health, but it can also be harmful. You must consider factors such as weather conditions and time of the day when you stay under the sun to avoid photodamage and the appearance of wrinkles.

Avoid salty food Sodium contributes to fluid retention, which can cause puffy eyes. One way to reduce bags under your eyes and puffiness in the morning is to reduce your salt intake at night.

Add retinol-rich food to your diet Retinol or vitamin A can be very beneficial to the skin. You can nourish the skin under your eyes by eating more grass fed beef liver, pasture-raised chicken giblets, cheddar cheese, turkey liver, grass fed butter and organic, pastured eggs to your diet.


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