5 Health Benefits of Foot Massage, According to Science!

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When did you last pamper your feet or even offer a gentle massage? There are opportunities, not recently. Chances are, not recently. Well, you should change that.

The benefits of Foot Massage and Reflexology include helping to control blood pressure, enhancing nerve sensitivity, enhancing energy levels, enhancing blood circulation, promoting sleep, improving liver function, treating migraines and headaches, speeding wound healing, treating arthritis and helping to reduce swollen feet.

A simple and short foot massage every now and then, can help us to relax, especially after those long days of standing up and walking around when our feet tend to swell.

There are several different techniques of massage that promise some health benefits to everyone. Traditional therapeutic techniques focus on muscle and joint relaxation; acupressure seeks to improve overall health and energy flow through action at specific pressure points; aromatherapy uses scented oils and relaxing music to add an additional element of relaxation by acting on multiple senses; and reflexology aims at improving the function of the internal organ by massaging specific foot areas.

The foot is thought to have specific reflex points that can help the body heal itself under stimulation. Reflexology and foot massages are now commonly used in alternative medicine because they are considered to be very safe and will probably benefit you.

Wondering what are the benefits of foot massages that you can experience? Let’s look at some:

1. Foot Massage Increases Endorphins

Endorphins are good for us, it’s no secret. Endorphins act as happiness hormones through exercise or chocolate eating, robbing us of pain and discomfort and leaving happiness instead. So what does endorphins have to do with massage? Several studies examined the specific effects of foot massage on a variety of patients with a variety of conditions.

During foot massage, there is an increase in the release of endorphins. Some of the effects experienced during foot massage are responsible for this release of endorphins. They include an increased sense of calm, decreased pain and stress, and help with anxiety and depression management. Massage activates endorphins that circulate around your body and brain, promoting happiness, relaxing muscles and a reduction in pain.

2. Helps Control Blood Pressure

Even though we can’t say that reflexology will permanently cure high blood pressure, there is evidence that when performed regularly, it can help lower your systolic blood pressure. Cortisol is a known contributor to high blood pressure, so anything you can do to help keep your blood vessel under wraps would benefit your health.

3. Better Sleep

The ability to help you overcome disturbed sleeping patterns and insomnia is just one of the incredible benefits of reflexology. Before you go to bed, massaging your feet will help you relax and let go of the stress of the day. Pay special attention to the solar plexus reflex that houses a lot of your stress in order to enjoy a really deep sleep.

You can find the solar plexus if you squeeze inward the top of the foot gently and search for a little dimpled space. Press and massage the area for the rest of a happy night.

4. Improved Circulation and Cleansing

It is the blood that circulates through the body that carries oxygen and nutrition to the cells of the body. The blood also purifies the body’s waste and toxins. Because blood flow is limited when stress occurs, foot massage can be beneficial as it reduces stress and allows unimpeded blood circulation to flow.

5. Foot Massage Decreases our Perception of Pain

There are many different causes for pain. It often combines many of these elements, ranging from psychological to neural to purely physical, making it difficult to treat. So how can foot massage help with pain?

As we mentioned, foot massage can increase the release of endorphins and decrease stress levels. So it makes sense that pain becomes easier to deal with when these things are done. A study investigating how foot massage affected the perception of pain showed marked declines in postoperative pain – so much so that opioid use in patients receiving massage declined.

For centuries, in many cultures, foot massage has been practiced to promote health and well – being. Today, massage is considered by millions as a complementary and alternative medicine for relieving pain, reducing stress and anxiety, rehabilitating injuries and boosting general health.




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