Melt Abdominal Fat With This Incredible Homemade Syrup!

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Although it can be difficult to lose fat from the abdominal area, you can do several things to reduce excess abdominal fat. All you need is the right game plan.

If you feel you have an unnecessary excess fat in your body or some extra liquid in your abdominal area, this is your solution. You can make the syrup at home and it will only take you 10 minutes.

Ingredients you need:

• 125 g of Horseradish
• 4 Lemons
• 2 cm of Fresh Ginger
• 3 Tablespoons of Honey
• 2 Tablespoons of Cinnamon

How to prepare it:

Put the horseradish, ginger and lemon juice in a blender and blend thoroughly. After, add the cinnamon and honey until you form the syrup and pour this mixture in a glass jar. Consume 1 teaspoon of this syrup twice a day, before meals or before your physical activity. Drink the syrup for three weeks, and take a three weeks break afterwards.

Health Benefits


This is a plant frequently prepared as a condiment, but the roots of horseradish are also used as medicine. Horseradish is used for kidney stones, fluid retention, sciatic nerve pain, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, gallbladder disorders, and intestinal worms in children.

Horseradish is packed with beneficial nutrients and phytochemicals, some of which give it the well – known distinctive, pungent smell. That’s why it works so well in kitchens around the world as a food additive and an ingredient.

There are only six calories and no fat in a serving of this root. If you want to lose weight, being so low in calories and not containing any fat makes horseradish the best food you can put on your meal plan. It also contains healthy cholesterol which is very important for the metabolic process.


Lemons are a great source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which boost health and wellbeing in many ways. One lemon can provide around 31 mg of vitamin C, 51% of the recommended daily intake.

Lemons contain pectin fiber, a dietary soluble fiber essential to the health of the colon. Pectin binds in the gastrointestinal tract in human digestion to cholesterol and decelerates the absorption of glucose by trapping carbohydrates. It has been shown that pectin consumption decreases blood cholesterol levels.

Because of its bitterness, having warm lemon juice when waking helps to flush toxins from the liver. Your liver is part of the whole filtration system of your body. Lemon juice is a natural cleaner, helping to control organisms that are harmful.


Ginger is a root vegetable often utilized in herbal remedies and formal medicines. It’s impressive health benefits includes fighting inflammation, fighting nausea and providing relief for osteoarthritis among many others.

Ginger appears to suppress inflammatory processes during / after consumption, but can also be used as a topical pain treatment, particularly in conjunction with joint pain.

Like many other root spices, ginger has profound positive effects on the body’s digestion of food and can have a positive effect on long – term gut health.


Honey isn’t just delicious and sweet, it’s also packed it with countless health benefits. Many studies have shown that honey is a great and healthy source to control high cholesterol levels. And with the help of honey, you can increase your good cholesterol levels. Despite being sweet in taste, honey in the bloodstream does not increase the sugar, so the diabetics are safe.

Gastric problems are common in both adults and children alike. You can treat your stomach complications organically, thanks to the antimicrobial and antioxidant components found in the honey.

Since honey is loaded with the methylglyoxal compound, it is known to boost energy levels. This compound also helps boost your immune system to stimulate cytokine growth, which is found to organize your responses to the immune system. These properties, combined with antioxidants, keep your body active and highly energized.


Cinnamon is a spice, and to ginger and turmeric, it’s packed with many health benefits. Common benefits includes slowing down aging process, regulating blood sugar and managing inflammation.

Like many spices, anti – oxidant agents are incredibly high in cinnamon. By reducing the body’s oxidative stress, we reduce the harmful effects of aging, exercise, poor health, poor diet or stress.

The antioxidant polyphenols found in cinnamon may also have profound effects in the body’s fight against inflammation.


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